Warehouse Surčin

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For Rent - Price: 4.725 €  / 4,50 €/m²

Real estate type : Warehouse

Area : 5.661 ar

Parking Lot

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Property Details

An excellent warehouse with a total square footage of 1050m2 is for rent, with two office spaces, one is positioned on the gallery of 25m2, the other on the ground floor level of 12.5m2, a toilet with two wet toilets and one shower cabin, the other 12.5m2. The warehouse driveway is connected to the highway at Surčinska petlja, which additionally enables the new tenant flawless transportation and perfect positioning for a billboard advertisement (eng. billboard a billing board). The gate of the plot is at the level of the highway with a width of slightly more than 6 m, which further facilitates the entry and exit of trucks and tow trucks.

The warehouse is classic, with excellent thermal insulation that creates a temperature difference of 10-15 C, the usable height of the warehouse is 6m, the current is 50kw, which is not intended for production, but is ideal for a distribution center, forwarding, PVC carpentry and the like.

Available immediately, great opportunity, one month’s rent deposit.


Vrnjačka banja, Raj


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